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TG Supps was formulated to provide the essential supplementation you need to be at your absolute best.
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Supporting Athletes Since 1995

Whether you are an elite sportsperson, a gym purist or a complete beginner, we can help you achieve things you never thought possible.

TG The Gym has been known for having the most infamous bodybuilding facilities throughout the Western United States. We have been supporting and producing the most revered bodybuilding athletes, while housing fitness and health industry enthusiasts for over three decades. Since our inception, we’ve helped millions of people train harder, go faster and push further. TG Supps was birthed from this legacy and was designed to break limits and shatter personal records.

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High Quality Raw Materials

Each ingredient has been hand chosen from evidence based backing in order for each product to synergistically complement one another.

Top Rated And Reviewed

Amongst thousands of gym members and fitness enthusiasts TG Supps has received excellent user reviews on our effectiveness, quality, price points and flavoring.

Trusted By Professionals

Formulated, tested, reviewed and approved by IFBB Pro Athletes.

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Pushing the limits
of science and human

TG Supps aims to combine science and simplicity with practicality and functionality when designing supplements. Science being the use of evidence based research driven ingredients. Simplicity in our formulas by never adding extra or too much of any one ingredient for shock value. Practicality and functionality by keeping the athlete and their performance in mind with dosing, cost effectiveness and athlete trials.
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